Welcome to Kaije Kennels.  Here you will find versatile dogs who have a defined purpose.  People often ask me how long I have been "in dogs".  Well I have been involved with dogs since I was around 12 years old. Most girls collected fashion magazines, I collected dog magazines.  When I was 21, I went to my first dog show with a lady who had french Bulldogs and Mastiffs.  I would go over and learn about breeding, showing and dogs in general.  She was my first mentor.  Then came the time for me to get my first purebred dog.  I got a Siberian Husky.  He couldn't be shown because someone left the litter at a grooming facility. So he was AKC PAL registered.  We then began the road of learning obedience.  As with any of our first dogs, we often make mistakes with training.  Well Ynuk was no different.  Together we climbed the ladder of training until I was to the point of becoming a licensed dog trainer.  I began training clients in home settings and volunteering at a local no kill shelter to train dogs for adoption.  
In 2004, I began my research of the Pharaoh Hound.  After talking to many breeders and going to shows, I found my first Pharaoh, Atreyu from DesertPheonix Pharaohs.  He really has been a blessing in disguise.  As you see on his page, we have done it all and it has been a great ride.  Three years later I got Bridget, go to her page for her story.  As I got more serious about learning about the breed of Pharaoh Hounds, I did more intense research with lots of notes and found a great mentor to teach me so much more than I ever had in the past.  It was then after much consideration, I chose to get  a male, Uber and a female, Lala from XO Dogs.
In 2013, Kaije Kennels produced its first litter, the MOON GODS and began taking judging assignments. I am an AKC Junior showmanship Judge. In 2016, Kaije Kennels had their second litter that was co-bred with Z-Faro kennels, The Tommy Bahama litter. 
I also teach classes at the local kennel club, conduct Canine Good Citizen Classes tests and professionally show dogs.  2015 voted to serve on the Cape Cod Kennel Club Board as a director. I have worked dogs for veterans as PTSD Service dogs as a member of International Association of Assistance Dog Partners. (IAADP). In 2009, I started as a professional dog show handler, apprenticing with Gary Sheetz. In 2018, I became a founding member of Responsible Dog Owners of Maryland, Inc.

The ride to this point has been awesome.  So now my dogs all participate at some point or another in Conformation, Lure Coursing, Racing, Herding, Agility, Obedience and Rally.  
Now I constantly strive to learn as much as I can about the breed and promote the health and versatility of the breed.  I hope you find my love for my dogs exhibited throughout these pages.  Thank you for visiting.